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Numerology is scientific, universal and eternal. It is not under the monopoly of any particular country religion or race. Its services are availab!e to one and all. Numerology is founded on the strong conviction that all people, irrespective of their background and present position, can enjoy maximum luck in life.

My personal experience, my research and my guidance to many persons in forming suitable names have strengthened my belief in numerology. Those who followed my advice in the formation of names became lucky in life, rich in business and famous in society.


Let me cite a comparison. Man's name is like the radio set. The birth numbers constitute the radio station. If we wish to listen to the programme of a particular station, we have to see that the needle reaches the appropriate wave metres marked on the dial. Similarly, to seize our luck, we must adjust or alter our names in tune with our date of birth. Let me take another analogy. If water is dripping from the tap, we must place the pot directly below it to collect water. Otherwise, the pot will remain empty. Similarly, to derive maximum luck, we must have names in harmony with our date of birth.

If a student scores 10 per cent in one subject and 90 per cent in others, he will yet be declared unsuccessful in the examination. Life too is a crucial test. To pass that test with honours, man has to be lucky in the four aspects of family life-health, wealth, wife and children. If even one aspect is unsatisfactory or missing, he cannot hope for a peaceful life.

One may be a millionaire. But he may be afflicted with a disease like diabetes. While his guests would be enjoying a variety of dishes at his house, he will have to content with a die. Another may suffer in his life because his wife is not to his liking. A third may be struggling against poverty. Some others suffer agonies either due to lack of children or bad children. There is an easy way to come off with flying colours in the examination called life: alter your names to suitable numbers and wear your lucky stone at all times.

Let me explain with specific examples:

Mrs Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India was born on 19th and so she belongs to number 1 category. Her name is in number 33 under the influence of Venus.

INDIRA GANDHI 154121 315451 = 33

Hence she has been blessed with devine grace and extraordinary administrative capacity and no wander that she-has won international fame.

Let us next take another Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia. His birth number 2 is under the moon's influence and his life number 4 is under the influence at Uranus. Hence due to the eclipse of luck, his education was disturbed. But the favaurable factor is his name which is in number 23.

MAHATHIR 41514512 = 23

Hence he resumed his education and step by step rose in his life. His cardial problems were solved. People glorify him as the father of Modern Malaysia.

LEE KUAN YEW 355 26I5 156 = 39

The celebrated name, Lee Kuan Yew, is being described under the influence of Jupiter, shall empower him to be a very good and able administrator and also focuses on him an International repute. As he is born on 16-9-1927 under the influence of Neptune and Saturn, so he is persistent in his course. He will succeed in anything and everything. Though he will be affected by piles, skin disease and Dueodenal pains, he will be relieved from those diseases.

By his perspective and percieved skill, he has paved a way to shape a modern Singapore. It's not an exaggeration to praise and call him with a worthy title, `Architect of Modern Singapore'. Therefore his name and fame shall be illuminating as long as the famous Singapore exist under the sun.

I met an Australian Lady by the name of Isabella Struthey in the course of my travels In Malaysia. She was introduced to me by one of my reader, an Indian by name Arokiaswamy. As soon as I was introduced, she said "Namaskar Mr.Dhuraimurugar." Though I was a bit surprised, I wished her back.

She said, "I read your book on modern Numerology, in that you have said that it is most important that a person's name should have a favvourable number. You had given many examples to support this, but do the ancient Indian tents - the Vedas, the Sita, and the Puranas, hold the same opinion?

I felt a great pride that our books were read by people outside our country. Only later I come to know that the lady was married to an Indian. I answered her, "in the Ramayana, after redeeming Sita from Ravana, Rama was returning in the "Pushpa Vimana" with her, Lakshmana and Hanuman. Sita asked Rama that she wanted to see the stones which had bridged the sea to Lanka. She had heard that they had floated as the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name.

Immediately the "Pushpa Vimana" was put down in that place. Rama picked up a rock and threw it into the sea. But the rock which had floated when the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name, now sank, even though it was thrown by Rama himself this time. Everyone was surprised. Hanuman explained that they had written Rama's name "Sri Ram" on the stone before throwing. That was why it had floated. If Rama were to do the same, he could make them float too. It happened as he had said it would.

Thus we can see that Rama's name is more important than Rama himself. Just as the ocean was crossed all these years back with the help of Rama's name, to this day, people try to cross the obstacles in their life by writing "Sri Ramajayam". The Australian lady thanked me for the illustration. She then asked me some more questions.

Question by Isabella Struthey : "I am the kind of person who does not just eat a fruit, because some one says that it is good, but would like to know all the vitamins that it contains and why it is good. My husband is in the habit of writing "Sri Rama Jayam." When ever I asked him why he did it, just said that it was good. Only today I was able to learn the reason behind it.

I do research on herbs. Why is it that some people would rather keep their discoveries to themselves and not try to help humanity through them?

My answer : Madam, when one person has a heart to heart talk with another, he experiences great happiness. When an artist who knows his art, transmits his knowledge to another person without keeping anything back, he gets very close to God. When a person propagates falsehood for his benefit, he becomes nothing. It is my opinion that a researcher should be like an open book.

At this, she thanked me for my explanations and asked me how she could change her name into a more favourable one.

Her Date of Birth: 31-3-1951

Corporal number: 3+1=4 (Rahu)
Vital number: 3+1+3+1+9+5+1=23
2+3=5 (Mercury)

She can be considered to fall under the No. 4 category. The number 4 denotes trials and achievements. There are 4 directions North, South, East and West. There are 4 Vedas : Rig, Yaju, Sama and Atharvana. In each of his efforts, man has to follow 4 principles: Sama, Dhana, Beda and Dhanda.

People whose numbers fall under the 4 series, if they do not have suitable name numbers, will not achieve anything in spite of making great efforts.

These people who love freedom may achieve fame in the fields of Medicine, Shastras, Science and Mathematics. They would love to travel. They will be good at advising and helping others.

They may have the negative qualities of interrupting others and a bad temper. They may earn money with great difficulty and spend it rashly and then get into trouble. Then knowledge will earn them respect from everybody. Their friends will be a great help; they would do anything for their friends. They will sympathise with people in trouble and will come forward to help. Their minds function with lightning speed. They have great mental strength and tough capacity. Isabella also were born in this number, have a name with the number 49. This is not very favourable. I suggest a Change

131125331 34264551=50

The reason for 50 is because her vital number is 5. Also in her palm the line of Mercury is very well represented.

Her life line goes up from the base of her palm along with the wrist line and joins with the lunar line and goes towards the solar mount at an angle of 90 degrees. So we can say that she will be a great research scholar and will achieve wealth and fame. As the soloman Ring on the Mount of Jupiter is well developed, she will help many people live and may become a good doctor. As her heart line fork into two on the Jupiter mount and the Husband line and head line also split, we can say that she will be married once and will be divorced to marry again. Or she may have to marry some one other than the man she loved. When I told her this, she said that her present husband was the second one.

Her husband's date of birth : 1-4-1947
Corporal number : 1
Vital number : 8
Name: N. REMESH LULLA (5 21 4535 36331 = 41)

So now they both have No. 5, the number of Mercury. Generally they can be said to be a couple who were made for each other. But because their numbers did not match, they faced some difficulties. After the change of numbers, they overcome the difficulties and had even written to me recently that they had many success after that.

A great many people from all part of the world, call on and consult me to change their names and signature also for luck in accordance with numerology. They are all now living luckily. This I come to know by the persons come to me to greet and reveal their state in ecstacy and also by the benedictive letters fronm those who attained their ambition fulfilled by numerology. Any one can call on and consult me to have name in lucky numbers. Those who adapt and follow the numerology properly, can lead their domestic life with wife and children in surpassing health and wealth.

To solve any problems, there is only one that suggests ways and means - NUMEROLOGY.

R.I.Dhuraimurugar (World Famous Numerologist) Note: Date convention used is date-month-year, for example, someone born on the 5th of April, 1972 would be written as 5-4-1972

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